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About the Company:

QEMAT ALEBDAA For Training Development & Capacity Building is a leading company in its field, specializing in the development and enhancement of skills. Our team strives to be one of the top companies in the fields of training, consulting, and business development, relying on the experiences and harmony of our team
To ensure the achievement of the company's vision and values, we always work committed to quality and professionalism standards in accordance with international standards that put us in advanced positions and achieve the satisfaction of all our customers. We also strive to be pioneers in providing our services in various technical, artistic, and training fields using the latest modern services, solutions, and training methods.
We, at Summit Creatives, believe that keeping up with the latest in technology solutions and modern work systems requires providing services, consultations, business development, and training in a different way and through a scientific approach that is unconventional.


We strive to become the best partner for organizations in implementing modern training programs, consulting, and development projects.

our message :

The message translates to, "Providing a package of training programs, consulting services, and implementing development projects according to international standards and in partnership with international organizations.
We always prioritize our work values and adhere to them because they are the constant reason for our successes and our customers' complete satisfaction with our services. Some of the values we hold ourselves accountable to include:

our value :

The Confidence: Confidence is our key to enhance our credibility and status with our clients and to establish strategic relationships with them.

The Quality: Providing training and consulting services according to international standards and ensuring added value to our clients.

The Professionalism: Our professionalism matches the great confidence that our clients have given us, which leads us to provide highly professional and competent services.

Company Strategy

We work in the field of training, consulting, and business development, with a strategy based on providing services that include;

  • diversifying and developing training services using the latest scientific methods.
  • We meet the needs of public and private institutions and offer the highest quality standards through experts and consultants in various fields.
  • We work with a technical team who possess practical and scientific qualifications and experiences at the highest level.

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