During the 3-day ITIL® 4 Foundation course, participants will learn concepts such as Service Value System, the Service Value Chain and the ITIL® Guiding Principles. There is also an extensive focus on 15 Practices (or as they were called in previous ITIL editions: the processes’). After attending this training course, the participant is able to take the ITIL® 4 Foundation exam and can contribute to the further professionalisation of their own (IT) organisation


Anyone who contributes in (IT) service delivery will, after attending this training, not only have a better understanding of the importance of perfect (IT) service delivery, but will also get tools to make this possible.

The target group consists of employees who want to continue to develop themselves in the world of Service Management


During this 3-day course, the participant will be ‘immersed’ in the ‘new’ world of Service Management and will be able to make a significant contribution to service delivery in their own organisation.

The course helps the participant to understand the following:

Key IT service management concepts

How ITIL® guiding principles can help and organization to adopt and adapt service management

The 4 dimensions of service management

The purpose and components of the service value system

The activities of the service value chain and how they interconnect

Know the purpose of key ITIL® practices

Preparation to sit the ITIL® 4 foundation examination


IT has long been an integral part of our society. Where IT used to be supportive of the primary business process, IT is now integrated with the primary business processes. To ensure that the primary business processes function optimally, IT services must also be optimal.
Best Practice ITIL gives an (IT) organisation opportunities and possibilities to perfectly align IT services with the needs of and possibilities within the business processes. ITIL has long since ceased to be applicable only to IT services. Other forms of service delivery can also make use of these Best Practices.The following topics are covered in this training course:

The basic concepts and principles of ITIL® 4

Service and Value

Service Relationships


Service management

The 4 dimensions of Service management

Organisation and people

Information and technology

Value streams and processes

Partners and suppliers

The 7 Guiding Principles

Focus on value

Start where you are

Make iterative progress with feedback

Collaborate and make it visible

Think and work holistically

Keep it simple and practical

Optimise and automate

Service Value Chain




Design & transition

Obtain / Build

Delivery & Support


Inputs, Outputs and the role in supporting Value Streams

ITIL® practices and how they support the service value chain

Continual improvement (including the continual improvement model

Change enablement

Incident management

Problem management

Service request management

Service desk

Service level management

The purpose of the following ITIL® practices

Information security management

Relationship management

Supplier management

Service configuration management

IT asset management

Deployment management

Monitoring and event management

Release management



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